Congratulations on a huge couple of weeks of racing, including your first ever Europa Cup podium where you placed first, rapidly followed by a second place the following day. How’re you feeling after this success, have you had time to digest? 

To be honest it still feels a little unreal and it feels really strange to think I’m leading the Slalom standings, when I was starting bib 91 at the start of the season. Maybe once the new points take affect it will start to feel real.

What’s the atmosphere like in the Men’s Alpine team at the moment, with both you and Billy Major taking Europa Cup podium spots, smashing PBs and now racing in the World Cup, is it a competitive atmosphere?

The atmosphere on the team is really good. We’re all able to push each other on the hill while still keeping the mood light and having fun. It’s definitely competitive but at the same time we’re all rooting for each other.

What’s next for you in terms of your racing, is there anything you’re planning to work on?

Next up for us is the double slalom World Cup on Kitzbühel, which I’m really excited for. We have a few training days first where I’ll be working on being disciplined in staying over my feet.

In the Covid era what’s your favourite way to celebrate a big win?

A nice meal with the team.

How does it feel to be part of the newly named The Queen’s Men?

It feels good to put a name to it. It makes me feel more patriotic and gives more of a team feeling to this individual sport. Other teams have their own nicknames that bind them, so Billy thought of The Queen’s Men.

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