Update from The Home Nations and the TD Forum

Update from The Home Nations and the TD Forum

Updated 24th February 2021

The Home Nations and the TD Forum met on 18th Feb to conduct their scheduled review with regard BASS Seeding and TD assignment for the remainder of the 2020-21 on-snow season.

The review looked at the current and ongoing restrictions imposed by Governments at a national and inter-national level, including local and regional lockdowns and current travel restrictions; particularly noting the challenges these regulations impose for organisers and officials, as well as athletes and their supporters.  The following was decided:

·       The provision to accept results for BASS seeding from events in the UK Geographic area was withdrawn with immediate effect. TDs will not be assigned, nor results accepted from any event within UK for the remainder of the season.

·       The suspension of the assignment of TDs and the acceptance of results for BASS seeding from events held in Europe was extended until the end of the season.

This ends BASS sanctioned events for the 2020-21 snow season and thus the BASS List will be closed for the season with immediate effect. As there have been no BASS seeded races in the 2020-21 snow season it is intended to carry forward the closing BASS list from the end of the 2019-20 season as the start list for the 2021-22 snow season, subject to technical considerations. More details will follow in due course.

The Home Nations and the TD Forum will now focus on supporting the artificial ski slope events in UK across the summer should restrictions allow. Snowsport England, Scotland and Wales, will review the summer calendar in light of all relevant restrictions, ensuring that events are supported where travel and regional restrictions allow for fair and safe racing across the whole ski community; noting that time for athletes to train prior to the restart of racing is an important safety factor. The TD Forum will assign TDs and accept results for seeding in support of the Home Nations approved programme and will review the necessary rules, including those adopted for the 2020 summer season, to ensure safe, fair and compliant events prior to the start of the season.

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