Team Behind the Team: Magnus Björk – Cross Country Wax Tech

Team Behind the Team: Magnus Björk – Cross Country Wax Tech

Hear from GB Snowsport Cross Country Wax Tech Magnus Björk on the process of waxing skis and the knowledge you need to get the job done.

How and why did you get into waxing?

“After stopped competing myself I started to help my home ski club with ski tests/waxing. I really liked it and now it’s has been profession since 2012.”

What are the main duties of a wax technician?

“Waxing, testing, supporting!”

What is the full process of waxing and how long does it take to get the athletes ready? Does wax need to be tailored to each individual athlete?

“The “Full process” is the base first then the main wax, finishing off with top and manual structure. You want to have 30-45 min to get it done well. The goal is to use the same wax on every athlete’s skis, with an extra twist for each individual…”

What kind of knowledge do you need to do the job well?

“Skiing experience helps, and knowledge of how to make the skis fast!”

How do you adapt to different snow parameters and weather conditions around the world?

“The best way is to trust measurements and do ski tests and my experience from previous years helps.”

How much does waxing impact an athlete’s performance? Can it make or break a podium finish?

“Quite a lot, especially in wet conditions. And the short answer is yes it can make or break a podium finish.”

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