Quick Fire Questions with Zoe Atkin

Quick Fire Questions with Zoe Atkin

My best party trick is… “I can do a 3 leaf clover with my tongue.”

The geekiest thing about me is… “I love to read.”

Tell me you’re a snowsports athlete without telling me you’re a snowsports athlete… “I go to school in the summer instead of the winter.”

Best dance move… “None haha I can’t dance.”

When I’m not training or on snow you’ll find me… “Anywhere warm! A beach or lake preferably.”

Guilty pleasure… “Eating. Good food is the best (especially dessert).”

Biggest fail… “Spraining my ankle rock climbing on a hiking trip.”

Typical Sunday… “Skiing.”

Weirdest gift I’ve given or received… “A s’mores making kit.”

Two truths and a lie… “I have a tattoo, I graduated high school, sushi is my favourite food.”

I won’t shut up about… “How good the crepes I make are.”

The pandemic has taught me… “How to keep my own company.”

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