Quick Fire Questions with Thomas Gerken Schofield

Quick Fire Questions with Thomas Gerken Schofield

My best party trick is… “Shuffling” 

The geekiest thing about me is… “I used to play a lot on the PS4 (I was probably addicted to MW3).”

Tell me you’re a snowsports athlete without telling me you’re a snowsports athlete… “I compete around the world on the WC moguls circuit for Great-Britain.” 

A shower thought I had recently… “The water is cold.” 

When I’m not training or on snow you’ll find me… “Trying to get my dad in the gym, cooking or riding my motorbike.” 

Guilty pleasure… “A vegan chocolate and peanut butter cheesecake.” 

Best travel story… “Our car broke down driving to the airport in Zurich, a big panic, managed to get it fixed and got there just on time.” 

Biggest fail… “Walking into a glass door thinking it was open. ” 

Typical Sunday… “If we have time my mother and I make a nut roast with a banana chocolate mousse for dessert.”

Weirdest gift I have given or received… “I received a shampoo kit.”  

Two truths and a lie… “I love motorbikes, my ski boot shell has split twice, I live in England.” 

I won’t shut up about… “Nutrition.” 

The pandemic has taught me… “To be in control of my health by eating correctly. To be grateful to be able to train during these times (thank you GB Snowsport!).” 

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