Quick Fire Questions with Makayla Gerken Schofield

Quick Fire Questions with Makayla Gerken Schofield

My best party trick is… “Mum says, I’m a brilliant mimic” 

The geekiest thing about me is… “I swot crystals”

Tell me you’re a snowsports athlete without telling me you’re a snowsports athlete… “I compete in Moguls World cup events representing GB” 

A shower thought I had recently… “Should I shave my head again?”

Best dance move… “One shuffle dance move” 

When I’m not training or on snow you’ll find me… “In the gym, going places with my camera or giving someone a fresh tattoo!” 

Guilty pleasure… “Vegan truffle chocolate” 

Best travel story… “I had a training camp in Dubai, yes you read that correctly Dubai! Got to the airport to check-in and they would not let me go as my passport was invalid within 3 months (had to be 6) so I had to get a flight to London, get a new passport all in one day then finally fly to Dubai!” 

Biggest fail… “Knocking myself out on a skateboard” 

Typical Sunday… “Meditate for at least 10 minutes, write down what I am grateful for in the moment, yoga for at least 20 minutes with my Mum and Sister then watch a bunch of Netflix while I draw new tattoo designs” 

Weirdest gift I have given or received… “I recently received a fluffy unicorn from my girlfriend, it’s about my size! But I love it” 

Two truths and a lie… “I broke my collar bone water ramping, I never answer calls from unknown callers, I love tomatoes” 

I won’t shut up about… “Equality for all genders including LGBTQ+ community” 

The pandemic has taught me… “That it is ok to not have good days, to be more present moment, to take it day by day” 

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