Quick Fire Questions with Leonie Gerken Schofield

Quick Fire Questions with Leonie Gerken Schofield

My best party trick is… “I’m great on the pole dance😂💃” 

The geekiest thing about me is… “I love to study🤓”

Tell me you’re a snowsports athlete without telling me you’re a snowsports athlete… “I compete on the Moguls World Cup circuit for Great Britain.🎿” 

Best dance move… “Just go crazy😆” 

When I’m not training or on snow you’ll find me… “In the gym or in my art shed.🙌” 

Guilty pleasure… “a sneaky bar of chocolate😄” 

Best travel story… “When the team and I started running to the gate because the check in and security took forever..We were the last on the plane asking them to keep gate open but then sat there for ages…Funny not funny!” 

Biggest fail… “Hard to pick one as I’ve had quite a lot of injuries. They have all taught me more about my body and that giving up is no option.👊” 

Typical Sunday… “If I’m not on a training camp I like to start the day with a nice Yoga routine. After lunch some studying and some Art. Mid Afternoon I’d use the foam roller followed by a nice stretching routine before watching the Chase and Strictly come Dancing (if it’s on).” 

Two truths and a lie… “I love snakes, I have more than 10 scars on my body, and I lose my toenails every season.” 

I won’t shut up about… “Wanting chocolate 😌” 

The pandemic has taught me… “To be grateful for everything I have and to take every day as it comes.♥️” 

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