Quick Fire Questions with Katie Ormerod

Quick Fire Questions with Katie Ormerod

Photo by Matt McCormick

My best party trick is… “A Backflip.”

The geekiest thing about me is… “I’m currently doing a University degree.”

Tell me you’re a snowsports athlete without telling me you’re a snowsports athlete… “I can comfortably wear 7 layers of clothing without feeling claustrophobic.”

A shower thought I had recently… “Do dogs know that they’re dogs?”

When I’m not training or on snow you’ll find me… “Playing my Ukulele.”

Guilty pleasure… “Musicals”

Best travel story… “I’ll write my memoirs one day because there are too many to list off.”

Biggest fail… “Going to get my hair done and walking out looking like a yellow highlighter.”

Typical Sunday… “Snowboarding”

Two truths and a lie… “I was a Cheerleader, I’ve won 11 World Cup medals, I can see ghosts.”

I won’t shut up about… “Interior design.”

The pandemic has taught me… “To make the most out of every opportunity and never take things for granted.”

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