Pride Month 2021 – Our Commitment to LGBTQ+ Communities

Pride Month 2021 – Our Commitment to LGBTQ+ Communities

This Pride month, we’re reaffirming our commitment to supporting lgbtq+ people throughout our sports

This Pride Month, GB Snowsport are proud to reaffirm our commitment to supporting LGBTQ+ people throughout each of the disciplines that we oversee.

We believe our sports are stronger and our culture enhanced by creating an environment in which our athletes, coaches, technical staff, administration, fans and partners are able to compete, work and support knowing they will be respected, heard and celebrated. As Pride Month 2021 begins, we are determined that we must live up to our responsibilities and support the rights of our sports’ LGBTQ+ communities.

To ensure our rhetoric is backed by action, we will be using this Pride Month to highlight some of our existing work around LGBTQ+ equality, as well as pointing to areas of future focus:

  • We will be sharing a range of LGBTQ+ focused resources with athletes, HQ and technical staff, including information on sport-based allyship, challenging abuse and being a supportive teammate, aimed at providing practical guidance to GB Snowsport team members around strengthening our culture
  • We will be publishing views from GB Snowsport colleagues on the ingredients that go into creating a positive and supportive team culture across all of our disciplines
  • We are committing to publishing data from our recent Diversity and Inclusion surveying that highlights successes and challenges in promoting LGBTQ+ inclusion at every level of snowsport in Britain
  • Alongside the Home Nations Snowsport Governing Bodies, we will be exploring how we can develop a more LGBTQ+ inclusive environment for current and future participants, fans and professionals within our sport

We recognise that there is more work to be done in supporting LGBTQ+ equality within our sports, and we are committed to ensuring that we take seriously the work required to ensure that GB Snowsport stands as a proud ally during Pride Month and at all times, now and in the future.

For more support and resources on lgbtq+ support and advocacy in sport, guides and information are available from:

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