By Steve Arnold, Para Nordic Athlete


“I’m not really one for films as I’m more into box sets but there are a few films I always go back to: Snatch, Topgun, Notting Hill, all of the Rambos and Rockies – plus Elf which is a must at Christmas.” 


“I don’t really read many books but over lockdown I started getting into audiobooks with the focus of educating myself on sports recovery and how to be a better athlete. The last couple of books have been PEAK by Dr. Marc Bubbs and Good to Go by Christie Aschwanden. I find them good to listen to on long steady sessions or just when there’s some down time in the training. It’s definitely helped to up my learning game.” 


“I’ll pretty much listen to any genre of music and it definitely depends on what session I’ve got to what I put on the playlist. If I’m on a 2-3hr steady roller ski, I like to have more chilled tunes on like Eric Clapton, The Eagles, James Blunt. I’ve even been known to bang on the odd Disney soundtrack now and then as it also helps me stay in zone and not get carried away, which is easy to do when a song with a beat kicks in. 

In the gym recently it’s been Hip-Hop Rap mostly NWA or Dr Dre, The Chronic album and on my sprint/interval session anything with a beat goes. One of my favourites is David Guetta ‘just one last time’ as there’s a line in it that says ‘even though it hurts I can’t slow down’ which is very apt when your max out on a sprint or hills session.” 


“Although there are many inspiring people out there, I get my inspiration from my family and friends. My daughter for instance – she is 2 years old and seeing her grow up and starting to become an incredible human inspires me to show her that the world can be tough but it can also be incredible no matter what it throws at you. I also have some amazing friends that have been as low as you can probably get, but over the years they have got their life back on track and done some incredible (if not a little crazy expeditions) to help themselves and others. To me, that is inspirational.”  


“My favourite place is Fiji. I was lucky enough to go there a few years back with my wife and we will go back again one day. The people are so friendly the place is just paradise and when you’re on your down time from work or sport ‘Fiji Time’ is definitely the way to live your life.”

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