Whilst representing Great Britain on the Telemark World Cup Circuit, Colin Dixon is also studying for this Mechanical Engineering Masters at Loughborough University. We caught up with him about what keeps him inspired during the off season.


“I mostly watch comedies and series, but if there were a couple films I had to choose, it would be ‘Good Will Hunting’ or ‘Creed’.”


“My favourite type of book to read are biographies and autobiographies. I feel that there is a lot you can learn from a person’s path in life to reach the next level, whether this be in sport, music or other. I read Julian Edelman’s autobiography, who is an American football player. It is interesting to discover the similarities and differences with athletes of a different sport in a different culture.

I’m currently reading ‘Born to Run’ by Christopher McDougall, which gives an insight of a Mexican tribe, known to be amazing long-distance runners.”


“Having played drums for ten years now, I enjoy listening to most types of music whether it be jazz, rock, rap, latino music. I’m taking part in ‘Rockin 1000’ for the first time this year, which is the largest rock band in the world. I’m really excited about this and looking forward to taking part. When I train I dabble into some Watsky, Linkin Park, Greta van Fleet, Muse, the Meters.”


“The two people I look up to the most are my dad and my grandfather. When I first started to telemark, I was not keen to learn this new sport. Thanks to my dad, who was also my coach, and a lot of practice, I now mainly telemark during winter. All along the motto of ‘not giving up’. My dad, since taking my brother and me to our first French cup telemark race, brought us to various national championships and in the past four years to world cup events.

I learnt similar lessons from my grandfather. He played football in five different clubs (at the same time!) trying to get as many games as possible throughout the week, and at 82 years old still enjoyed kicking the odd ball. He certainly never gave up.”


“My favourite place is the Jura, not far from Geneva, where I live. After a long time at Loughborough University, it is always nice to come back home. Meeting up with old school friends is always fun; the ski station is only a minute or two away, and the feeling of being home is always great, whether it is to relax or to train. I also get to enjoy my mum’s food other than the regular student pasta.”

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