By Charlie Guest, GB Snowsport World Class Porgramme Alpine Athlete


“Although I have been watching Warren’s movies for as long as I remember with my family, the 2018 Face of Winter version was something special to me. I was going through a bit of a low point in my own skiing career and going to see this one reminded me that skiing is quite literally there to make us smile. This movie is all about that and has a banging soundtrack which makes it perfect for these confined isolation days!”


“I read ‘Canoeing the Congo‘ a couple of years ago and I still regularly think about it. It is the narration of a five-month journey that Phil Harwood took whilst making the first descent of the Congo river – the deepest in the world – from its source in Zambia to finish in the Atlantic Ocean. What made this book insanely cool for me was the situations that Phil knowingly put himself in, I would never put myself in those shoes – Cannibals are not my kind of thing, but the sense of adventure and willingness to get off the beaten path is what made this really stick in my mind.”


“I usually cycle through songs pretty fast, but Good as Hell by Lizzo on headphones gets me so pumped up. I honestly feel like I can conquer anything when she is on! It is the last song that I listen to before a race and at the moment, when circuits get tough, it is on REPEAT! My neighbours might kill me any second – either that or they are going to be high on motivation as well.”


“Myrtle Simpson is someone that I have known my whole life through skiing up at Cairngorm and growing up as a kid, I always knew that she was someone who adventured and had been on some epic trips. As I have grown up, however, the sheer gravity of what Myrtle has accomplished and is still accomplishing hit me and she is hands down one of the biggest inspirational figures in my life. In short, she became the first woman to cross the Greenland icecap unsupported, almost became the first woman on skis to reach the north pole, not to mention that she is one of the select few to be in possession of a Polar Medal. Now in her late 80s, she is a regular on the slopes at Cairngorm and her documentary “A Life on Ice” has been picking up awards at film festivals all over the world! She is a great reminder that adventure is there for those that are willing to chase a dream.”


“Zell am See is one of my favourite resorts to ski and train. The race piste runs straight down to the historic town by the lake. It is where I was based for the early years of my full-time career and I have loved revisiting it through my training videos lately. I cannot wait to get back!”

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