Next generation of Alpine talent shines at GB Alpine Championships Children’s Week

Next generation of Alpine talent shines at GB Alpine Championships Children’s Week

Under improved weather conditions, Britain’s young Alpine skiers showed they have what it takes to make it to the top

After the significant weather disruption experienced in the first week of the GB Alpine Championships, a welcome improvement in conditions saw the Children’s Week deliver an almost uninterrupted programme of competition on the slopes of Tignes.

With more than 300 skiers competing across U16, U14, U12, and U10 categories, the Children’s Week Championships was heavily supported by the resort team at Tignes, Ladies Ski Club, Ski Exchange, and coaches and staff from across the British Alpine Clubs and Academies, as well as the volunteer Organising Committee, whose work is critical in delivering the GB Alpine Championships.

Among the multiple podium holders were Katie Saunders, Brooke Baxter, and Tabitha Milkins (U16 Girls), Freddy Carrick-Smith and Zak Carrick-Smith (U16 boys), Amelia Pietrzak and Maisie Hayman (U14 Girls), and Jake Leonard and Ryan Faber (U14 Boys).

The conclusion of the Championships marks the end of an exceptional season for British skiers and snowboarders at every level of international competition, with the GB Alpine Championships Children’s Week proving again the outstanding potential of the country’s young Alpine talent.

Podiums and Results

U16 Girls

Slalom – Girls Southampton Ski Club Cup

  1. Brooke Baxter
  2. Tabitha Milkins
  3. Katie Saunders


  1. Katie Saunders
  2. Emily Turner
  3. Flore Metselaar

GS – Hillend Salver

  1. Flore Metselaar
  2. Katie Saunders
  3. Tabitha Milkins

Combined – Coupe de la Municipality de l’Alpe d’Huez

  1. Katie Saunders
  2. Brooke Baxter
  3. Tabitha Milkins

U16 Boys

Slalom – Aberdeen Ski Club Quaich

  1. Freddy Carrick-Smith
  2. Zak Carrick-Smith
  3. Lewis Parton


  1. Zak Carrick-Smith
  2. Freddy Carrick-Smith
  3. George Brown

Combined – Ski Plan Trophy

  • Freddy Carrick-Smith (=1st)
  • Zak Carrick-Smith (=1st)
  • George Brown

U14 Girls

Slalom – Girls Midland Ski Club Cup

  1. Amelia Pietrzak
  2. Louisa McIntosh
  3. Maisie Haymen


  1. Amelia Pietrzak
  2. Louisa McIntosh
  3. Freya Tresidder

GS – Kandahar Ski Club Cup

  1. Maisie Hayman
  2. Amelia Pietrzak
  3. Carman Perrier

Combined – Lillywhite Cup

  1. Amelia Pietrzak
  2. Maisie Hayman
  3. Louisa McIntosh

U14 Boys

Slalom – Boys Pindisport Cup

  1. Ryan Faber
  2. Rufus Wontner
  3. Sebastien Anthony


  1. Harrison Adkins
  2. Jake Leonard
  3. Ryan Faber

GS – Dolphin Ski Club Cup

  1. Ryan Faber
  2. Jake Leonard
  3. Oliver Martin

Combined – Schools Abroad Trophy

  1. Ryan Faber
  2. Jake Leonard
  3. Oliver Martin

U12 Girls


  1. Scarlett McLaughlin
  2. Lily Flitton
  3. Sylvia Curtis
  4. Cecilia Hamer
  5. Xenia Coudenhove-Kalergi


  1. Lily Flitton
  2. Lottie Whitmore
  3. Amelia Atherton
  4. Lottie Williams
  5. Xenia Coudenhove-Kalgeri

Stubby Slalom

  • Lily Flitton
  • Christina Dagne
  • Arabella Armitage
  • Lottie Whitmore
  • Lottie Williams (=5th)
  • Mya Ditchfield (=5th)

U12 Boys


  1. Isaac Cheongvee
  2. Cillean Morrison
  3. Toby Tweedle
  4. Edward Lloyd
  5. Samuel Greenland


  1. Charlie Miller
  2. Isaac Cheongvee
  3. Edward Lloyd
  4. Zephyr Lusted
  5. Toby Tweedle

Stubby Slalom

  1. Edward Lloyd
  2. Isaac Cheongvee
  3. Toby Tweedle
  4. Raphael Malescour
  5. Charlie Miller

U10 Girls


  1. Sofia Philip
  2. Lily-Margaret Martineau-Fortin
  3. Amelie Arnold
  4. Anna Chan
  5. Zoe Gosling


  • Anna Chan
  • Sofia Philip
  • Zoe Gosling
  • Lily Martineau-Fortin
  • Amelie Arnold (=5th)
  • Siv Unreg Bassen (= 5th)

Stubby Slalom

  1. Anna Chan
  2. Sofia Philip
  3. Lily-Margaret Martineau-Fortin
  4. Zoe Gosling
  5. Amelie Arnold

U10 Boys


  1. Douglas Davison
  2. Marcus Pop
  3. William Myers
  4. Bruno Stoof
  5. Jasper Daniels


  1. Lucas Cox
  2. Marcus Pop
  3. Bruno Stoof
  4. Colby Bulters
  5. William Myers

Stubby Slalom

  1. Lucas Cox
  2. Max Hannah
  3. William Myers
  4. Marcus Pop
  5. Dougal Davison

Club/Team Awards

U16 Girls – Dolphin Ski Club Cup

Excel (Chloe McKay, Georgia Blaikie, Amy Miller)

U16 Boys – Cairngorm Quaich

Apex (Hamish Blyth, Benjamin Wontner, Ruaraidh Oliphant, Lewis Parton)

U14 Boys – Alpbach Visitors Ski Club Cup

CDC (Harry Bardon, Hunter Barnes, Brodie Holliman, Thomas Springett)

U16 Overall Children’s Best Club Team – Tornes Trophy

Apex (Brooke Baxter, Tabitha Milkins, Hamish Blyth, Ruaraidh Oliphant, Lewis Parton)

U14 Overall Children’s Best Club Team – Rose and Thistle Cup

Ambition (Amelia Pietrzak, Louisa McIntosh, Ryan Faber, Lucas Cross, Xavier Poynton)

Header Image: U16 Ladies Podium, credit: Racer Ready

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