Mia Brookes: Snow, Skate, and Cycle

Mia Brookes: Snow, Skate, and Cycle

What’s your usual diet like while training during the off-season? 
“Lots of fruit and veg. I love avocado and egg on bagels. I love Salmon, pasta, curry…. I pretty much eat whatever I fancy, but I also know to be sensible and eat healthy.” 

What’s your favourite quick and easy healthy meal/snack? 
“Uncooked Broccoli.”

What’s your typical workout routine in the off-season?
“In the summer I enjoy cycling with my dad, we try to do 100 miles every week, either one big day or a over a few evenings and I love skateboarding too at Graystone. I have recently started to do weekly strength and conditioning classes at the EIS in Manchester and I also join some acro sessions at GAS with Ross after school. I’m really looking forward to surfing again soon too.”

What’s your favourite exercise and why? 
“Snowboarding and skating, but when I’m at home more over the summer I love Cycling. I love being out in the countryside.”

Any tips for someone wanting to get active? 
“Choose an activity you enjoy doing most and try to do it a few times every week.”

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