By Katie Summerhayes, GB Snowsport Freestyle Skier

I started skiing when I was six years old with my sister Molly at the Sheffield Ski Village. We loved it from the first moment and soon after learning, we joined the local ski club. As part of the club, you could go into racing and freestyle training and I always loved doing both.

I just ended up doing more freestyle as I loved the laid-back atmosphere. I love that in freestyle there aren’t many rules and you can express yourself through all the different tricks. I think for freestyle you need to be fearless and be willing to push your body and mind to the edge!

I love the early crisp cold mornings you get when there is no one else about the mountain and I can just get into doing what I love. I also love every time I get to represent GB. Going to the Olympics has also been pretty special and a big highlight. To get in the zone before a big event I just try and visualise everything I am wanting to do and try and focus on being in the moment rather than the outcome.

In terms of my inspirations Jessica Ennis has always really inspired me as she’s a Sheffield girl too! She’s come back from injury many times and always excelled in what she does.

To anyone wanting to get into freestyle skiing I’d say just go out there and have fun! That is the most important thing and the best way to see yourself improving!

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