“Get Outside!” – Scott Meenagh’s Summer Training

“Get Outside!” – Scott Meenagh’s Summer Training

What’s your usual diet like while training during the off-season? 

“We normally get around 3-4 weeks of relative down time at the end of a season. Normally April time. This is when I am more relaxed about the types of foods I eat. Still pretty balanced I would say, as once I’m so used to eating healthier foods, it’s hard to crave things like a take away as they make me feel rubbish. I’m more likely to go for pancakes or waffles after a dog walk or something.”

What’s your favourite quick and easy healthy meal/snack? 

“Nothing beats a peanut butter and banana smoothie after a tough training session.”

 What’s your typical workout routine in the off-season?

“I always go back to my local athletics club and CrossFit gym in the off season. It’s a great way to train in my local community and for the fun of it. My favourite type of off-season training is turning up to the gym without any plan and just doing what I feel like or what’s on the board. As normally our training is so heavily structured.”

What’s your favourite exercise and why? 

“Running. I love the freedom and social element to it.”

Any tips for someone wanting to get active this summer? 

“Get outside! Rain, hail or shine, it’s never as bad as it seems once you’re outside.  The hardest part about getting active is taking that first step outside your front door.”

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