GB Snowsport joins with other snowsport bodies to support sunguarding sport

GB Snowsport joins with other snowsport bodies to support sunguarding sport

The campaign, initially launched in 2020, has developed new guidance on sun protection for those visiting the slopes

GB Snowsport are delighted to be among the snowsport organisations backing the Melanoma Fund’s efforts to improve sun protection habits for those visiting the slopes this winter season.

During summer spots, it is widely known that sunscreen sweats, washes and rubs off easily, meaning we must reapply more often. However, snow and strong winds erode sunscreen even faster, exposing skin to the intense UV rays found at high altitudes.

The Melanoma Fund created Sunguarding Sport in 2020, providing sun protection guidelines for all in sport and outdoor recreation, now used by hundreds of NGBs and outdoor organisations.

This season, the charity has collaborated with GB Snowsport, Snowsport England, Snowsport Wales, Ski Club of Great Britain, and leading UK ski travel agents to promote the following tips:

Apple a broad-spectrum SPF30+ water resistant product, paying special attention to all exposed skin

Reapply ever two hours (or each time you break) to ensure full protection

The sun is strongest between 11:00am and 3:00pm depending on the season and your location, so pay special attention during this time

Avoid damage to eyes by wearing good quality ‘UV protection’ lenses. If switching from goggles to glasses during the day, remember to protext newly exposed skin

Wearing a helmet not only offers crash protection, but also ensures that your forehead, scalp, and ears are sun protected

Michelle Baker, CEO of the Melanoma Fund

“If you’re into your skincare, remember that over exposure to the sun can undo all that amazing work, making us look weathered, and at risk of skin cancer. It really is simple – remember to apply and reapply your SPF.”

Chris Scott, Head of External Relations at GB Snowsport

“Nobody knows better than our athletes and coaches that exposure to the sun can be a real issue out on the slopes. GB Snowsport is proud to support the Melanoma Fund’s Sunguarding Sport campaign, which provides excellent tips for both the seasoned professional and those getting out on snow for the first time.”

Jade Gerrard, Participation Manager at Snowsport England says

“Creating new routines on the slopes is easier once you understand the rationale behind it, which is why we are keen to support this important advice. Get out there, have fun, but protect your skin as you would other part of your body.”

For further tips on protecting skin on the slopes, visit Sunguarding Sport:

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