GB Snowsport announced today that they will sign up for the best practice guidelines set by the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation in association with the Mental Health Charity, Mind.

In the partnership GB Snowsport joins other leading sporting organisations across the United Kingdom, who will work together will seek to end the stigma around mental health.

As well as following the best practice guidelines the organisation has also announced a new campaign ‘Be Brave’ – as it strives to give their athletes the best possible support in their physical and mental well-being.

The organisation will promote athletes, staff and stakeholders to “Be Brave and talk; Be Brave and listen and Be Brave and act”. GB Snowsport have created a launch video featuring athletes which can be viewed here.

The Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation was developed by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Professional Players Federation and Mental Health Charity, Mind.

The Charter creates a welcoming, inclusive and positive environment for everyone to participate in sport and recreation as well as encouraging people to talk about mental health and support others to seek help and support when needed.

By signing the Charter, GB Snowsport commits to promoting wellbeing and adopt good mental health policies and best practice. It will also be a key voice in promoting positive messages using diverse role models and ambassadors from the world of snowsport.

GB Snowsport will also support a wider network to share resources and best practice as well as monitor performance, assess progress and take positive action on mental health issues.

GB Snowsport CEO Vicky Gosling said: “There are over 280 organisations signed-up to the Charter creating and sharing new ideas and best practice.

“Our vision is to be in the top 5 snowsport nations in the world by 2030 and we must deliver the best possible support to make sure our athletes can perform at their peak and that means looking after their mental well-being as well as that of everyone involved with our sport.

“We’re proud to be one of the organisations who have joined this great initiative and are committed to taking positive action around positive mental health and physical activity. ‘Be Brave’ will be a call to arms for everyone to ensure that they know they have personal support and are armed with the skills to help those in need of assistance, to listen to their concerns and in act in their defence.”

Lisa Wainwright, CEO of Sport and Recreational Alliance added: “We are delighted to welcome GB Snowsport as the newest signatories of the Mental Health Charter. One in four of us will experience a mental health problem every year. Yet, it is still something people are worried to talk about or ask for help. This must change and physical activity can play a massive part. 

We know that being physically active can help mental wellbeing and by signing up to the Charter, GB Snowsport have demonstrated a commitment to playing their part in moving the conversation forward and adopting best practice.”

GB Snowsport will ensure that the best practice principles and resources are shared across all disciplines and available to all athletes.

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