Eat like a champion: diets, workouts and getting active with Dave Ryding

Eat like a champion: diets, workouts and getting active with Dave Ryding

What’s your usual diet like while training during the off-season? 

​”My diet is always pretty similar whether in season or out of season. At my grand old age of 34, I can very quickly turn crisps or chocolate into fat these days so I have to be extra careful with my dedication to the diet. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the odd cake from The Boskins Cafe as a nice treat, but I generally eat a balanced diet and cut out the junk where possible. I don’t get too caught up in calorie counting, I just eat everything in moderation to my training.”

What’s your favourite quick and easy healthy meal/snack? 

​”I am a huge fan of efficiency in the kitchen. Healthy meal: my go-to lunch is either couscous or a packet of rice/quinoa, lentils, mackerel and fresh veg, normally made well under 5 minutes flat! A healthy snack, glass of milk with a pear and a handful of nuts.”

What’s your typical workout routine in the off-season?

“All sorts, but now Parkrun is back on a Saturday morning, I really enjoy my weekly World Champs running event to finish off the week! I also love when the whole team joins up on ‘Zwift’ (online cycling platform) and smash out a 20-30 minute race together with the coaches…and yes the coaches win more often than the athletes. It’s good for their ego!”

What’s your favourite exercise and why? 

​”Either the back squat or the clean… there’s no hiding here! But my favourite varies monthly.”

Any tips for someone wanting to get active this autumn? 

​”Join a club, everything is easier with other people and I get so much more out of myself too. I rarely train alone on the bike, or if you’re in the area why not come and join me on a 5k parkrun on a Saturday morning?! My local is Southport Hesketh Park, so if I am back in the country come and bring it on! I love a challenge 😉”

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