Cody Bramwell speaks to GB Snowsport following Freeride World Tour Win in Andorra

Cody Bramwell speaks to GB Snowsport following Freeride World Tour Win in Andorra

Following landing the top spot on the podium in Ordino Arcalis, at the Andorra leg of the Freeride World Tour, a couple of weeks ago Cody Bramwell chatted to GB Snowsport about his move to compete for Great Britain, the transferable skills between freestyle and freeride and the future goals he’s striving to achieve on the horizon.

How does it feel to have won the Andorra leg of Freeride World Tour?

To be honest it feels pretty good. It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time and to pull it off at the first contest of the season also relieves a bit of pressure for the cut. Which is always a stress, as the cut for the final and next year is almost at 50%.

How were you feeling ahead of that massive backflip on your first run?

I was feeling pretty good actually, I honestly wasn’t that stressed about it. I had spoken to some friends that ski that had done it just before me and they gave me some good input on the take-off and landing situation!

What’s the relationship between freeride and freestyle for you, are the skills transferable between the two?

Yeah for sure! Definitely the way freeriding is going now, it’s pretty hard to win a contest without a spin or flip etc. And I think the freestyle flavour in freeriding is only going to grow.

Do you compete in any Slopestyle or Big Air events, or are you freeride through and through?

Not really, I’ve always loved park though. I always rode a lot of park growing up. The thing is I skied until I was maybe like 13-14. Competed in moguls actually, but also a bit of slopestyle. And then switched to snowboarding and got really into the freeriding aspect from there on.

Having previously competed for Sweden, what made you switch to competing for Great Britain?

The thing was I was always planning to compete for Great Britain on the tour, but getting my passport and everything sorted took a little longer than I expected! One of the main reasons for that decision is was the opportunity it would give me. Just feels like it could benefit me in the long run as its such a larger country and I’m the only Brit that competes on the tour at the moment.

And its fun representing Great Britain! I’ve already got heaps of messages, they really support their own, its cool!

I feel like I also had to give this one to my dad, who is English, and as we grew up in Sweden it was time for him to see his roots come out a bit!

Now you’re a FWT winner what’s next on the horizon for you?

The focus is for sure taking the overall title one day! And that’s still the focus for this year obviously as I have that win in the bag now. So just gotta keep at it and stay hungry!

Watch Cody’s run on BBC Sport.

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