British Children’s Ski Team Update

British Children’s Ski Team Update

The management team of the British Children’s Ski Team have today issued the following update

Pursuant to Clause B4.5 of the GB Snowsport (“GBS”) Selection Policy (the “Policy”) notice is hereby given that the British Children’s Team (the “BCST”) will attend the following FIS International Children’s Races during the 2022/23 season (the “Season”) :-

1) Trofeu Borrufa – Andorra

2) Interkriterium Races – Vratna, SVK and Ricky, CZE

3) Alpecimbra Children’s Cup – Folgaria, Italy

Pursuant to Clause B4.9 of the Policy notice is hereby given that the process outlined in such clause (the “Process”) has been amended as follows:-

  1. Any BASS race or International FIS Children’s Event, the results of which are used for the purposes of selection, must have been completed on or before 7th January, 2023.
  2. In addition to performance in Alpine (European) based BASS races and performance in any International FIS Children’s Event, the GBS Children’s Alpine Selection Committee (“GBSCASC”) may also take into account results from a time trial (the “Time Trial”) to be held in Ste Foy on 5th January, 2023.

This will replace all previous criteria and process for the Season.

These changes are necessary because the dates of the FIS International Children’s Events have been brought forward by two weeks, thereby making it impossible to select from later races.  We understand that many athletes will be disappointed and so hope that the Time Trial will provide an additional selection opportunity.  These changes are necessary for these specific and particular circumstances and will apply only for the Season.

Further details of the Time Trial will be posted on the GBS website as soon as possible.

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