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GB Snowpsort and the Alpine World Cup squad would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has donated to and become a member of Alpine Club 1000 ahead of the start of the new season.

New suit printing processes will begin imminently, and we expect to be able to share a preview of the new Alpine World Cup squad suits with Alpine Club 1000 members in the coming weeks.


Alpine Club 1000 is a GB Snowsport initiative led by the Alpine World Cup Squad giving supporters of British Alpine skiing a unique opportunity to have their support for our leading Alpine athletes carried on our race suits as we build towards the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympic Winter Games.

With the kind agreement of Fusalp and FIS, the Alpine World Cup team will have new race suits prepared for the 2023/24 season bearing the names of all individual Alpine Club 1000 donors, providing a public acknowledgement of donors’ support at World Cup, Europa Cup, and FIS races entered by British Alpine World Cup team athletes this coming season, following the close of the fundraising campaign.

Donors offering gifts of £1000 in support of the team’s training and competition programme, will join the Alpine Club 1000.  A donor can nominate themselves or a friend to be named on the suit, and of course by donating larger sums can nominate further members.  This support is critical to the continued success of British Alpine skiing – which currently receives limited funding from UK Sport.


Proceeds from Alpine Club 1000 will go directly to the Alpine World Cup Squad of Charlie Guest, Billy Major, Charlie Raposo, Dave Ryding, and Laurie Taylor to fund the costs of their individual training, coaching, and competition programmes.

Any funds raised that are not used in the 2023/24 season will be put towards off-season training programmes and the 2024/25 season.

How to donate

Alpine Club 1000 is now closed to new members for the 2023/24 season. If you would still like to discuss ways to support the Alpine World Cup squad, please email and a member of the team will be in touch.


Please note, all FAQs are written to address donor querieis during the live phase of the Alpine Club 1000 campaign.

How can I donate?

Donations are available by bank, credit, and debit card payment at the Donate Now link above

How can I register the name I would like to appear on the race suits?

The donation form carries a text box allowing you to input the name you would like to appear on the race suits, in accordance with the terms set out in the Terms and Conditions. Prior to production, GB Snowsport will contact all Alpine Club 1000 donors to confirm the names which will be applied to the race suits.

Can I include multiple names on the race suits?

Each £1000 gift entitles donors to a single name on the race suits. Donors gifting higher amounts can include additional names, with each £1000 multiple permitting an additional name (e.g., £2000 permits two names, £3000 three names, £10,000 ten names etc.)

Can I donate as part of a group?

We are very supportive of anyone groups that would like to collectively donate to meet the £1000 threshold or to show their collective support under a group name, for example a ski club.  To discuss further, please email

Can I include a business name on the suits?

Yes, however we cannot include logos or any visual design. If you represent a business interested in wider sponsorship opportunities, we are very happy to discuss options with you that would allow for wider promotion of your business. To discuss further, please email

I would like to make a higher benefaction. Is this possible?

We are extremely grateful to all donors for their support. Should you wish to make a benefaction of above £5000, please contact GB Snowsport on and one of the team will be in touch to arrange a suitable method of contribution.

Terms & Conditions

Full Terms and Conditions are available here.

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