We are currently in a significant review phase of our Pathway/Development delivery across Paralympic disciplines. As it currently stands, we take a very individualised approach to potential talent; if an athlete were to contact us, we would investigate their current performance level and their projected performance level to understand their potential. In addition, we work closely with the EIS Pathways Team and are part of the Discover Your Gold campaign which was launched in 2021.

Across the Olympic disciplines, GBS works closely with academies operating within the pathway to recognise talent across the disciplines.

GB Snowsport’s remit is to deliver the elite performance programmes and not grass roots or pathway since this sits in the remit of the individual Home Nation Sports Councils. However recognising the need for an aligned pathway GB Snowsport recruited a Head of Talent to oversee pathway development and has also co-funded coaching roles within Sport Scotland to help ensure athletes are able to come through the pathway.


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