Maisie Potter
Maisie Potter 
  • YOB // 1997
  • Discipline // Snowboard Cross
  • Squad // World Cup Squad
  • Hometown // Bangor, North Wales, UK
  • Top Result // 2nd - SBX EC Race, Puy St. Vincent, FRA, 2020

Maisie, 23, from North Wales took up snowboarding when her family moved to Chamonix (France) for six years when she was 8 years old. As an all round snowboarder, Maisie took to all disciplines but realised she had the most potential in snowboardcross combining all of her skills.

The nerves and adrenaline of head to head racing make the win and the reward that much sweeter and addictive. Maisie had her first full world cup season in 2017 and placed 14th at the World Championships before a shattered heel the next season halted her progress. She is now healthy and fully back on track after securing a career best result with a second place at Europa Cup.

This 20/21 season, she will be back on the World Cup hoping to qualify for Beijing 2022. Raised in Snowdonia, Maisie has a passion for all outdoor sport and is also a surf instructor. She especially loves to skate, climb, wild swim, ride bikes and of course surf.

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